We’re a revolution in the making.

The Illuminati strives to reshape society to accommodate the everyday needs of Millions of people from all walks of life. Corporate greed and government corruption inhibits growth, forcing the average hard working person into financial despair. It’s time for the power to shift from the hands of the elite into YOURS.


The Illuminati Coin is an ERC-20 compatible token built on to operate on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our smart contract is based on code from OpenZeppelin—a well known and trusted developer who has built applications such as Augur, Civic and OmiseGo.

Creating a safe and secure smart contract is key to ensuring prosperity for those who seek usage of The Illuminati Coin.


We believe in the original foundation in which cryptocurrency was designed—to be decentralized and free of control from greedy banks and government corruption. Our coin was designed to be controlled by YOU. ILMT was created as a peer to peer digitial asset that allows YOU, the people to transfer its value with no central authority or third party involved. No third party involvement or price manipulation is our mission to restore power back to the hands of the people.


ILMT is the coin of the people. We’ve created it to ensure that EVERYONE can have access to it. It’s value is based on human value. Simply put, people are the true value of cryptocurrency. YOU control the destiny of ILMT. How you use it is totally up to you. From funding grass-root start ups to providing access to academic and technological resources to those who are without, ILMT is here for that purpose.


ILMT can be stored using any ERC-20 compatible wallet, however we recommend using Metamask or MyEtherWallet to send, receive and store ILMT. To use Metamask or MEW, you will need our contract address which can be found on the How To Store ILMT page.

“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?”

– Bob Marley


ILMT is published and verified on Etherscan for anyone to view. We believe that transparency is a major factor in rebuilding a more informed and prosperous society.

33 Million

Total Supply

23 Million

Available Supply


Withheld For Marketing and Administrative Use

Over 1 Million+

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Where to find The Illuminati Coin (ILMT)

Below are the current exchanges where The Illuminati Coin (ILMT) will be available.

Are you ready to join the revolution?